Pictures Ireland!

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Wow they are great pics.
  3. Fantastic pictures!

    Looks like a beautiful place
  4. The west of Ireland is beautiful
  5. Wow!'s looks so serene.
  6. Thanks ladies!
  7. Gorgeous pictures! I'd love to go...
  8. It is like a story book---so beautiful. How was the weather there? My cousin went to Ireland twice and said it was the most beautiful country she ever vacationed at and that the people she met were so friendly. She had a dream to live there some day. We have distant family in Ireland and the UK and the photos they send are really nice too.
  9. OMG the Motherland! I love the west coast of Ireland. Especially when it is real cold and wet.
  10. Great shots!

    When did you go/take those?
  11. Amazing! Really beautiful...

    I see it's not such a great holiday place for me though, b/c I do NOT like rain :p
  12. Ahh!
    I love Ireland:biggrin:

  13. Why did my ancestors leave there? It is so beautiful. JK, I know why they came here, but those are nice pics.
  14. I've been there, recongnize the Connemara and cliffs of Moher , fantastic, and Irish ppl are so friendly.
  15. Pretty sure that is the southwest coast. Amazing place, you really should go.