pictures: hk chanel airport = graffiti bags

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  1. uhm ok this was like, back in december, so yes sorry for the delay :p

    just that I saw a thread asking for pictures, and I suddenly remembered I did take them :smile:

    and now that I look at the pictures again, I remembered I really wanted the white graffiti cap!!!
    amnestyweek - 025.jpg amnestyweek - 026.jpg amnestyweek - 027.jpg amnestyweek - 028.jpg amnesty week - 024.jpg
  2. Thank you! I love looking at pictures!
  3. Thanks for posting!! :cutesy:
  4. That's a lot of eye candy :love:
  5. ohhh pretty!! what is the price tag on the bag and cap?
  6. Thanks for posting! I never tire of looking at Chanel bags!:nuts:
  7. I'm drooling here =)). Thanks for posting!
  8. Nice bags!!!!:yes:

    OT, coolface - your picture is way too adorable for words!!!:love:
  9. Thanks for posting
  10. Good stuff. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for posting!!