Pictures from the Texas Round-Up: HOT!!!

  1. I thought it would be good to start a new thread to post the pictures from the trip that way people wouldn't have to scroll all the way to the back of the other thread for them. So ladies, post your pictures when you're ready in this thread. I'm going to be posting pictures of my new baby coming up!!

    WARNING: Extremely HOT Hermes picture coming up, people w/ heart problems are adviced to have your meds handy:graucho:
  2. Okay, so what did Whispa get today at the Houston H round up??

    Black Box Kelly 001.jpg
  3. Waiting girls, heart meds ready, POST!
  4. Hmmmm, it's big...... a Kelly?
  5. A bolide or a Garden Party tote??

    I can't wait to see it....An early CONGRATULATIONS though!!

  6. Let's unveil her one step at a time :idea:

    Black Box Kelly 002.jpg
  7. hum... what will she be...

    Black Box Kelly 003.jpg
  8. Black Box Kelly 004.jpg
  9. Miss Kelly -- Half dressed :shame:

    Black Box Kelly 005.jpg
  10. :yahoo: :yahoo: CONGRATS:yahoo: :yahoo:
  11. WOW, She's a BOX KELLY!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!! woo hoo!! Yippee!! It must have been so fun with all of the other H tpFERs there to help you decide and model for them!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :heart:
  12. wow...she is drop dead gorgeous! congrats! she is one of my dream happy for yah!!
  13. that kelly is just gorgeous! am glad you are safely tucked at home now, whispa!
  14. Yes, that's right ladies, it's a 28cm Sellier Kelly in BLACK BOX with GOLD h/w!!

    My new baby and I love her sooo much :nuts:

    Black Box Kelly 007.jpg
  15. Pazt, your avatar, GORGEOUS!!