Pictures from the new stuff from the outlets

  1. the first picture is the striped bags they have them in black/silver and brown/gold.
    Three different sizes

    the second are the small signature baby pink totes
    the pink and light tan are 279 - 20% plus an extra 10%
    the brown and black are 179- 20% plus the 10%
    Multimed.jpg pink.jpg
  2. also in pink duffle and wristlets
  3. Thanks for posting pics! I'm not really feeling the striped bag, but I do like the small totes!
  4. the totes are the large ones like the multistriped one

    what is small is the signature design
  5. hm I don't like the design of the first bag.. looks funny to me. The totes in the second pictures are ok..
  6. I do like the bags in the second picture. They look like
    the shoulder tote. Very Pretty. Thanks so much for
    posting these pictures.
  7. Thanks for posting pics! Anything else that will be at the outlets in pink?
  8. Duffles and wristlets

    I will be heading back for a Large Soho hobo in Khaki, I will take my camera to take pictures this was done with my cell. I went to go pick up all black signature ali
  9. I love Coach and love the outlets b/c you can find some great deals, so I'm not hatin'...
    That black striped tote looks like a bag you'd find at a stand on the street. JMHO I'm not a big fan of the outlet exclusive items. IMO, they tend to look "cheap". That is probably not the case but I don't know why they would want to discount their image. It seems that they have enough inventory that they could just send older styles (that were in full price stores a year or two back) to the outlets. Or do reissues of popular patterns that were in the full price stores exclusively for the outlets. Like they did with the Novelty patchwork this year.
    IDK, it just kinda bugs me that they have this lower end line when they are supposed to be a "designer" brand.
    Again, JMO...:shrugs:
  10. ahhh the totes, i want one!
  11. I agree... the sig isn't even centered in the striped tote! Looks cheap and even fake to me.
  13. I like the pink one! Cute!
  14. Thanks for the pictures. The shoulder totes are cute.
  15. I'm not liking the first one, but I like the bags in the second pic!

    Thanks for the pictures!