Pictures from SA in Nordstrom Seattle

  1. Here's some pictures that my SA send me and price
    825.jpg 995.jpg 1575.jpg Anthracite Python 6250.jpg astrakan tote 3350.jpg
  2. $2450
    black jersey with gold hardware bubble quilt hobo 2450.jpg black turquoise icons flap bag 2595.jpg chain drops flap bag 4195.jpg color pop clutch turquoise gold 3150.jpg dark beige bubble quilt flap bag 1795.jpg
  3. Thanks for the pics...the second one has a very interesting colour combo! And I love the clutch in the fourth pic...but $3150?! :wtf: Yikes!
  4. $1650
    ice cubes flap bag 1650.jpg ice cubes pouchette 1195.jpg red patent luxury flap bag 2795.jpg small gold hollywood flap bag 2750.jpg timeless classic white caviar calfskin clutch 1150.jpg
  5. Here's the last pictures

    venice beach tote 3150.jpg white icons flap bag 2850.jpg white with gold turnlock chanel executive tote 1995.jpg
  6. That red one is already sold... =(
  7. The ice cube flap is growing on me...
  8. love the red one! aww i'm all sad now!
  9. Have you seen the Lucky Symbol? Its 1150.
  10. ^ Its $1650.00
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  14. always :heart: seeing more glossy pics ~ thanx for posting ~ :flowers:
  15. Thanks for posting! I am loving the turquoise clutch but not the price!