Pictures from Paris

  1. We just returned from holiday in Paris...I'm still on that happy, romantic high! :love: :love:

    Here are some pictures I just thought you all may enjoy...
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  2. Your pictures are beautiful. I've never been to Paris but I definitely want to go. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Pink*Petunia, you just made my day a little happier. I love Paris. Thanks for sharing your pictures.
  4. *sigh* It is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing :smile:
  5. Oh, I'm so envious!!! It's my dream to go to Paris someday. Lovely pictures!
  6. Thanks for sharing pics! Glad you had a wonderful time!
  7. We didn't buy tickets in advance for the Musee D'Orsay, so had to stand in line for 1 1/2 hours before entering (and it was freezing cold)! But, it was worth it to see my favorite Renoirs among others...
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  8. C'est tres jolie! Merci pour les photos.

    P.S. That's the best I can do after 3 years of high school french many years ago.
  9. wow!!!!
    i hope you had a good time!:heart:
  10. Indy ~~ LOL! I was so proud of myself being able to remember my French from about 10 years of it in school. So, I would go up to someone at a counter, or a waiter, or whatever and state my request in French. Then they would respond to me in French so quickly that sometimes I couldn't catch what they said.:shocked:
    Then I would have to sheepishly say..."Could you please repeat that in English?" :shame:
  11. You perked up my day as well! *Dreaming of Paris*
  12. Was just there in April, going back Oct. 4th - taking French lessons in the meantime - It's the city of my heart! Loved seeing your beautiful photos - Merci!
  13. Thanks, great pics..I love Paris..
  14. Thanks for sharing these lovely pics with us, Pink! I've got to get to Paris one of these days! I love the artwork you posted too ... amazing!
  15. That's always my problem too! I can speak the language well enough to communicate an idea to someone but I usually cannot understand the response. I even work for a French company! :roflmfao: