Pictures from NYC LV

  1. On my recent trip to NY I wanted to go to LV to see if I could take a picture of the HOT groom. But he was no where to be found... :crybaby: Its ok I did happen to see this super HOT speedy, anyone know the name??:graucho:
    DSC00204.JPG DSC00212.JPG DSC00213.JPG DSC00214.JPG
  2. Special Order speedy that eclipses the sun in brightness ? :graucho:

    Awesome photos, thanks for sharing ! :yes:
  3. that's the croc leather speedy. by special order only. very....... $$$$$. but soooooo gorgeous. they have/had one on display at the SCP store.
  4. Thanks for the photos!!! Sorry about the groom...that is one loooooovely bag!

  5. wow that's luxury at it's finest! My SA said that at the SF opening this friday...they will have a Croc Sac Chein (dog carrier) how crazy is that!??!
  6. ^^ wow, a dog carrier??? take pics, lol
  7. Thanks for sharing the awesome pics :flowers:
    Oh!!! the croc leather speedy is so gorgeous :drool:
  8. Oh that Speedy!!! :drool:
  9. I love that speedy...sigh.
  10. Croc speedy - very nice!!!
  11. Great pics...sad to hear you didn't see the groom...anyone know exactly how much $$$ that speedy is? it's gorgeous.
  12. That is nice.
  13. hehe...will do if they let me take pics!
  14. Thanks for sharing photos .. that speedy is STUNNING ...any idea of price??;)
  15. Croc+speedy=:heart: :love: