Pictures from Gucci outlet in Cabazon

  1. I just received these from Stacey at the Gucci outlet in Cabazon.

    Abbey small shoulder $299.JPG Boston med boston $419.JPG Glam large shoulder $509.JPG Pina print Biba mini hobo $399.JPG Pina print Peggy med bamboo $1389.JPG
  2. more pics....
    Pina print Pegyy large bamboo $799.JPG Punch med shoulder $539.JPG Toscani med shoulder $409.JPG Treasure small shoulder $529.JPG
  3. Love the glam wave hobo! I'm thinking I'm leaning towards that style as an everyday bag instead of the pelham. Wish they had it in guccissima. I also really like that leather bag, in the second post on the far right. Where is Cabazon?
  4. is this the guccissima leather and if so how much, I like this one:

  5. I really like the blue/purple you know how much it cost at Cabazon? thanks!
  6. Cabazon is in California....

    The black one doesn't look like looks like plain leather and its $409.

    That one looks more like burgendy and its $539.

    For the prices, just hover the mouse over the pictures and you'll see the file name and the price!
  7. Oooh, pigna print.
  8. Oh cool.
  9. I think I like the glam hobo and the jeans boston.
  10. Do you know how much [​IMG] was for?
  11. ^$299
  12. Thanks for the pics and info!
  13. tnx for the info!
  14. oh thanks a lot of the information!!
  15. Thanks for the pics and info, now I'm tempted to get a bag ;)