pictures for the bow tieing challenged

  1. So CoachGirl84 is killing me with her lovely new purchases and is looking for help on tieing a beautiful tattersall bow to her Gorgeous Pond Ergo tote. She got great help but unlike CoachGirl84 I need like bow tieing for dummies. Including visuals! :yes: I am pretty sure I wouldn't even be able to tie it as nicely as she has. So, could you girls post pictures of your beautiful bow tied bags so I can see? I also thought it would be a good way to see all of the different style bags with their variety of ways to have a bow, the different color combo's and so forth. Anyone game?

    I am getting a Lilac ponytail signature for my Chocolate Carly w/ a matching Lilac key fob. I want to be ready to dude up my girl when it arrives :smile:
  2. Does it count if my husband is the one doing the tying??? :lol:
  3. :smile::lol::p....too cute!!
  4. lol! cute thread. Here are my bag bows;)
    Ebay Pics 676.jpg Ebay Pics 726.jpg Ebay Pics 765.jpg Ebay Pics 783.jpg Ebay Pics 784.jpg
  5. those are perfect! how the heck do you do that?! *jealous*
  6. Lol! I have no idea:shrugs: just send me your purse and scarf, I'll do it for you and send it back.:tup:
  7. This is a oblong scarf meant to go around the neck lol.. its folded in half and then made into a bow.. its loose and needs to be tightened daily.. :wlae:
  8. OK I'll play. I LOVE tying scarves onto my bags.
    heritage ergo 005.jpg bday tote.jpg black ergo.jpg leigh smallest.JPG vday bag.jpg
  9. kimmie, are you SURE you'll send it back to her?!? :graucho: :p

  10. :roflmfao: you may get the bag but be missing a few accessories

  11. I love all of your bags!! They are perfectly accessorized!! Your bows are even Perfect!! Thanks for showing them off! :yes:
  12. Bahahah Kimmie.... hahaha .... :rochard:

  13. I LOVE the scarf choice you made for your Beautiful bag!! It is PERFECT!! I even love the way you tied the bow! Your bag is rockin!! :jammin:
  14. everyones bow tieing is awesome!! wohoo! now I want more purses to tie bows on lol
  15. Your bags are lovely!! You are very good at accessorizing!!