Pictures for Donnalynn11: Black Pleated Ergo Satchel

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  1. I got the black pleated Ergo satchel yesterday and know that Donnalynn has been wanting to see the leather texture of another of these. So . . . these are for you! I don't think that my leather is as pebbly as yours, but it definitely has some texture.


  2. AHHHH!!!!! That's one GORGEOUS bag!!!! :smile:
  3. That is one gorgeous bag. Congrats.
  4. Ooooh thats so pretty!
  5. ooooo that bag is gorgeous... I seriously love this ergo satchel in all the colors! yeah yours definitely doesn't look like pebbled leather... good thing donnalynn took hers back...!;)
  6. Very nice!! :tup:
  7. beautiful! :tup:
  8. it IS very pretty, but the leather looks a lot different than donnalynn's! very interesting
  9. OOOH THANK YOU!!! See Im not crazy - my bag was WAAY more pebbled than that. I hope my next one looks just like yours, or I may have to try for a third bag (the SAs would think I was nuts, but too bad!! )

    Thanks again for posting such great shots, and enjoy your bag - its gorgeous! makes me want mine NOW!
  10. ooh i love it! I hope mines looks like yours. I gotta pick mines up right now. No modeling pics? Congrats on your beautiful bag!
  11. ^^^I will post modeling picks sometime in the next few days - promise!! I teach preschool and was sooooo tired when I got home today (it was "Dance Party" day) that I was barely able to get these uploaded!!
  12. Gorgeous!!! Is the leather like the Legacy vintage leather? Just curious... Also, does anyone know when the entire pleated ergo collection with be out in the stores?
  13. these bags are just stunning, so classy even like the pink and burnt orange! I'm really thinking I want one!
  14. As the mother of a nonstop, bundle of energy-filled preschool boy, I salute you!!! :woohoo:
  15. What a beautiful bag. Enjoy it.