Pictures! Finally Decided to get my Speedy 35 hotstamped

  1. And I am so excited, I'm in love all over again. I'm a little disappointed about my handles getting dirty though, how can I clean them before the Patina sets in???
    DSC01099.JPG DSC01132.JPG DSC01133.JPG DSC01136.JPG DSC01137.JPG DSC01138.JPG DSC01134.JPG
  2. It looks really good!!!:yes: CONGRATS!!!
  3. It looks great :yes:
  4. It looks great!
  5. I love it! How did you decide to put both ur initals on one handle instead of two?
  6. It looks very nice. Do they only have golden color?
  7. Thanks guys :smile:
    Enjlux I actually spoke to a very knowledgable SA at the 5th avenue store in NYC, she told me that a lot of people are not aware that because of the metal of the D-Ring behind the left Chape, the initial sometimes comes out crooked, so it's better to put the initials on the Chape that does not have the metal behind it. Makes sense right??? I actually remember that happening to one of the girls here, but I don't think she knows that it was because of the metal...
  8. looks great!!! congrats! I love it!
  9. wow it looks fab congrats!
  10. No, you can choose from a bunch of colors, I thought the gold looked great with the gold hardware...
  11. Thanks. It looks great with your mono. I was thinking about my other darker color bags.:biggrin:
  12. Oooh, it looks great! I just dropped my luggage tag off to be stamped in gold as well. :yes:
  13. I posted a picture of the tags just as a sweet reminder of the fact that I bought a 35 for $605!!! Nowadays you can barely get a 25 for that price...
  14. I love it!!!!! Looks fabulous! Congrats!
  15. It looks great on you! I love the stamp! Just love it!

    I sent my agenda through UPS to the LV store today to get it stamped. I'm already wishing it was on the way back to me! :P I didn't like giving it up.