Picture Train ~ Expand your horizons

  1. Ok so I saw something similar on another message board (for dolls) and I thought it would be neat if we could do this here. It will give us the opportunity to see all brands of handbags and maybe for some of us....bags we have never looked at.

    Here are the rules:
    1. I am going to post a picture of one of my bags.
    2. After my picture I am going to Request the next picture I want to see. For example-Now I want to see a "Brown Spy"
    3. Another member posts a picture of their "Brown Spy" from their collection and adds a request for the next picture in the train?
    4. If after 2 hours nobody has added the last requested picture, you can go ahead and post any of your bags, and your new request!

    Here is the first bag: This is a Coach Signature Scarf Print Bag. Love this bag!!!

    To keep this simple...
    REQUEST: I would like to see a Spy bag in any shade of Brown

    Choo Choo!
  2. Fun thread! Here is a photo of my Chocolate Brown Spy!

    Next Request: PERFO SPEEDY - ANY COLOR!:biggrin:
  3. Great Bag Print Model!!!

    Okay two hours has elapsed, anyone feel free to jump in and share you bag and request a new bag.
  4. oh my turn, i would like to request a gray chanel reissue 2.55:biggrin:
  5. Fun thread. Here's my two gray chanel reissues 2.55s: medium and jumbo!
    Now I'd like to see a LV Cerise Speedy! Those cherries make me smile!
    Chanel Reissue Jumbo 4.jpg
  6. Okay we need another Purse!!!!!!! Any purse plus request :love:
  7. Here is my epi jasmin. I'd like to see a damier papillon 30 please!

  8. Okay, here is my Chloe paddie in blanc. I would love to see a LV denim speedy, any color:biggrin:
  9. Hee,Hee this is fun! here again is my new pink Denim! I Would like to see an LV haute popincourt!!!!:nuts: (I think you spell it thatway?)
  10. Hihi Star, awesome bag ! ;)

    Here's my popincourt haut.


    And I'd like to see.. a Dior saddle !
  11. Instead of two hours, can we make it 1 hour or 30 mins?!
  12. ok how about 1 hour!
  13. I would like to see a Marc Jacobs bag!
  14. It's been 4 hours. This is my st. tropez. Now i wanna see Epi Speedy, any color.
  15. There you go. I'd like to see epi honfleur (IRL) or teal (blue) spy.