Picture time! Scarf and bracelet!

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  1. Yeah!!! I was able to order the double tour kelly from the Boston store, and then, after seeing yet another Triplets scarf on this lovely board....called around and found a beautiful lavender one in NYC - and they both just arrived!!

    hscarfbracelet 001.jpg

    hscarfbracelet 003.jpg
  2. Just lovely!!!
  3. Gorgeous!!! Love them!!!
  4. Love them! Congrats!
  5. They look beautiful!!!
  6. Sweet!! enjoy
  7. Shoes: Beautiful! I love the bracelet!! I'm gonna try to get a bj epsom one to match my birkin.
  8. Thanks everyone!! I'm very pleased with both items - and I did ask for a couple of samples of perfume and received the rose one which smells divine!
  9. Congrats shoes! The leather bracelets are so cute. It fits you perfectly.
  10. Love the scarf and the bracelet looks really good on you! My friend tried one on and it just didn't go.
  11. I must have that scarf. I am going to look for that in New York when I go. That bracelet looks adorable on you. You have a great Hermes collection.
  12. You really have great taste, shoes! Congratulations!
  13. Love both of your purchases. You make me want the bracelet now...
  14. They are both gorgeous!! Congrats!
  15. Shoes....I love BOTH the bracelet AND the scarf! Plus that rose perfume is heavenly....Right now I'm wearing some of the sample I got today. It's really nice....congrats!!!! Wear them both well.....
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