!!!!!!!!!Picture Time!!!!!!!My new Chanel flower crystal chain belt, earrings and...

  1. Hi, guys

    Just got these in! So lovely, had to share! :nuts:

    I am a big fan of costume jewlery, so bear with me, hehe :sweatdrop:

    1. is the belt and matching earring

    2&3. details shots

    4. is the matching earrings alone
    DSC_3312_s.jpg DSC_3309_s.jpg DSC_3311.jpg DSC02334.jpg
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  2. Forgot to attach more::shame:

    1 & 2. Faux Pearl earrings

    3 & 4 How i might wear it :angel:

    The belt serves as a chain necklace together with my
    other strand of pearl necklace to go with the Chanel jacket since
    the jacket has gold buttons :lol:

    I know it might look kinda overdone, but what the heck, i love them all :wlae:
    DSC02335.jpg DSC02336.jpg DSC_3314.jpg DSC_3313.jpg
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  3. :drool: ooohhh....gorgeous! Love it all, congrats on your fabulous treasures!
  4. Very classic! You are SO lucky to have a Chanel jacket!!

    *sigh*...one day...
  5. I love the peices..... Your pictures make me want to buy some jewelery!!
  6. :huh:h so sparkly and gorgeous! Congrats on your new purchases, Hermes! :yahoo:

    And what a lovely Chanel boucle jacket too... :heart:
  7. Wonderful pieces!:yes:
    If you get a chance, can you post them in the Reference LIbrary? We have a thread there for people to use as a resource for Chanel jewelry and access. Thanks!
  8. Love the pearl earrings !!! great buy
  9. I was just trying on the gold with crystal charms belt last night. My Neimans sales assocate was trying really hard to get me to buy it.:lol: It was so hard but I was able to control myself.:P
  10. Lovely pieces! Congrats!!!
  11. Ooooh, either that's a really tiny chair or those are some giant earrings!:P

    Great buy!

    I am glad I don't have a Chanel store or a nice dept store anywhere around me.

  12. love the faux pearls !!!
    Don't be shy post as many as you like :smile: I would love to see more!
  13. you have some fabulous chanel jewelry!! so pretty
  14. Gorgeous! I have the first flower earring but is a drop down version. I didn't know they had a matching belt. I also saw the other earrings you got in the store. They are stunning!
  15. Thank u for ur wonderful words, pursemama, Michele, and Lily

    Shari: In fact i don't wear my Chanel jackets that often :shame: , i am more of a dirty jeans girl :lol: