Picture Request~Suhali BLUE lockit...

  1. Can any one post the pix of the new Suhali Blue lockit? The pixs on Eluxury don't match between the pm and gm.....want to get it before price hike ^^; between blue, white and black, which one is your favorite color?
  2. First goes verone then noir then banc and finally comes the bleu...
    sorry but that's my preference..if you don't like verone you should buy the black...
    Good luck
  3. My first choice is verone as well. Gorgeous color... but I would say I like the blue second best, no pictures though, as I only wish I had it.
  4. ITA! :biggrin: mind you i quite like the metallic ones too!
  5. I have the PM in noir and I love it! Wouldn't mind getting the MM in blanc too ... so classy!
  6. verone!!! pm!!!! stunning!!!!
  7. I love the blue ! I always loved Verone but when i saw the Blue i really loved it . I have the blue one and posted pictures but i can't find my thread right now :sweatdrop:
  8. I vote for verone too:yes:
  9. Def. white is my fave color but for Lockit, I give exception, blue is my fave ;) I saw Pfer's Blue Lockit and falling in love with Blue Lockit.
  10. Verone and i don't click (guess it's a good thing for bank account lol):p. I now have a black le fab, so it's either Blanc or Blue....wish the search function can be up :whistle:
  11. *bumb* any one have IRL pix of the new blue lockit?
  12. [​IMG]
    Heres a picture of my Blue Lockit PM :yes:
  13. The blue is so pretty!!
  14. the blue is bueatiful. i love it

    i think this blue is slightly lighter than the previous blue. anyone notice?

    but again they are equally BEAUTIFUL
  15. :love: :girlsigh: :shame: