Picture Request:Pomme D'Amour Inclusion Bracelet - GM

  1. Heyyyy Ladies.
    I searched the forum but I could only find pictures of the PM sized Pomme D'Amour inclusion bracelets. Does anyone have pics of the GM size?! Thanks. :smile:
  2. oh, y'know, i saw them , but the small seemed too small and the big seemed too big, too many corners. im sorry i can't provide with pix, i obviously did not end up buying one b/c of this!

  3. Yes I have it!!

    Got last night, but not good with the whole picture thing will get DH to help and post within the hour.
  4. ^ You're so lucky! My store was sold out of the GM ones :crybaby:
  5. I can't wait to see!

  6. Noooooo my SA had a problem with the multiple sizing on this one, but they said there was going to be ONE that was the same size as the other bracelets. I want to wear them together. Their solution was to order all the sizes and let me pick when they come in. I'll let you know which size ends up being the regular size. Hopefully it comes in soon.
  7. This bracelet is hot!
  8. pretty!! how much is the GM vs. the PM?
  9. Thank-you, IIRC it's $95 difference $255 and $350
  10. loopylorns, that is gorgeous!
  11. WOW. Really pretty!
  12. loopylorns, that bracelet looks really cute on you. I'm sorry you didn't get the rose gm bracelet. The pomme bracelet is cuter IMO.
  13. Thanks BL, I really am into these inclusions now - I want them all :rolleyes: