Picture request for Nimbus owners

  1. I've searched Visual Aids, asked in clubhouse, and couldn't find any in What's in your LV bag thread...

    Nimbus owners, would you please take modeling pics of you wearing your Nimbus with the bag stuffed with your belongings?

    During the LV event in June I tried the Nimbus on, stuffed with tissue paper (that doesn't count though) and empty, and I really want to see what it looks like worn when it has stuff inside.

    Also, does the bag "sag" when you wear it with stuff inside?

  2. Here is a pic of mine. I usually carry a book or two, and I don't think it sags, the leather is so substantial if you know what I mean.
  3. Karman, you are definitely obsessed with the Nimbus now. LOL Glad you asked for some pics. Now I can obsess right along with you.

    I remember Syntagma having pics of her gorgeous Nimbus, too. Looked really good on her. Perhaps she'll share more pics with us!
  4. These pics were posted before, so here's my Nimbus Ecru :smile: :






    Get it! Get it! Get it! Get it! Get it! Get it! Get it! Get it! :graucho:
  5. karman's definitely got the nimbus fever! :biggrin: YAY!

    fyi, i tried on the nimbus at the store w/ my stuff put in there and it hung really well. much better than with the stuffing inside and without the stuffing. the weight of your stuff really makes it hang nicely. it's amazing how different it looks when there's actual stuff inside the bag. :devil:
  6. This thread is bad! I was all for the PM because it seems like the perfect size, but now the GM seems more more because I love big bags.
  7. I'm getting a Nimbus and i must say its one of those bags that look better stuffed than empty. the shape hangs really nice when its full
  8. OMG!!!!!!!!!
    That is a GORGEOUS BAG!!!
  9. I want this bag too..but I really need a ban. Eeks!
  10. Karman!! Get the Nimbus, it's a "perfect bag" and those don'y come around very often.
  11. YES!! I am pretty much set on getting this bag...it will be my most expensive LV yet...but if I love it, I will get it because by September I will have the funds for it (leftover scholarship cheque comes in...!) I just hope I love love love it IRL...and fingers crossed that Canada will received them on time for Holt Renfrew PSN!

    And thanks for the pics ladies!! I would love more though...ummm...one month and uhh three weeks until release!!
    The GM is a little big for me so hopefully the PM is much smaller!
  12. ^^ karman: Holt's Bloor LV had one on display on one of their mannequins. I didn't get a close look at the color though. try giving them a call to see if they can transfer to the Alberta store?
  13. The grey Nimbus PM though?? These aren't supposed to be out until September!
    I'm not looking for the current GM ecru/beige ones.
  14. Karman, just got a call from my SA in Hong Kong yesterday ... he say the Nimbus are already in the system.. they might be coming out ealier than expected.. !!
  15. Ooh that is going to be one hot bag! I love the Nimbus the best of all the Olympe bags. It looks so squishy and it hangs just right!