Picture request; black epi pochette with silver hw and black honfleur.

  1. I am in desperate need of a small black formal bag and the honfleur and epi pochette seem nice. I haven't seen any pictures of people wearing the honfleur and i love the pochette but i would need the extender and i'm not sure about the look in silver. So please post pics.

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  3. I would like to see too! After doing a search no Honfleur pics came up.
  4. I think more items would fit into the pochette. I used to have the honfleur and it was difficult to put everything in it. It's a gorgeous bag though.
  5. Hi tia, I have the epi pouchette in black with silver hardware and the extender. I also have it in damier, and the epi is actually a little longer. Her are a couple of pics for you. It was my first time trying to take a modeling pic, so it's a little blurry because I tried it without the flash.

    I think you'll love the pouchette!
    epi pouchette w extender.jpg epi pouchette model.jpg
  6. tnx! it looks really nice on you
  7. I have the honfleur, give me some hours, I post pics later!
  8. i would love that, tnx londonholly