Picture problem on Ebay - Anyone

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  1. Wondered if anyone else was having a problem putting in the pictures on the new selling format of ebay. Never had a problem before, inner box comes up on the revise your item page when you click the tab add picture. Can add the picture but the inner box page does not seem big enough and cannot move the page up to download picture. If you click on outside the inner box the whole picture thing goes away and you cannot get it back unless I log on again later.
    Anyone got any advice, thanks
  2. Sorry I'm struggling to understand what the problem is, could you post a screenshot of the eBay page so we can see
  3. What do you have your video settings set at? Sounds like maybe things are off the screen.
  4. I know nothing about computers, but yes this section is of the screen. I managed to get it to work by making this section larger could then see the download button so could add the pictures. Looking at Q&A on ebay a lot of people are having this problem. This is the only way I have found to fix the problem, I do not know why ebay keep changeing things when they are not wrong the old way of adding pictures to your listing was fine.
    Mooks, sorry I might not have been clear with the question.
    When listing on ebay you have a section Add pictures when I click on this a box comes up in the middle of the screen to add the pictures in, which I can do, but because one end of this box is of the screen cannot see to press the download button. I have now corrected the problem by clicking the little box that makes the page go very big, this shows me the download button which I can now press. This is the only time this problem has happen, its the new ebay format that has caused the problem
    If anyone is having this problem you want to try what I have done.