Picture Posting & Resizing

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  1. Recently there's been more and more cases where our wonderful ladies would love to share their pictures with the community. But lack of knowledge on how to resize and optimize the JPGs, along with the board's file size limit, keeps them from doing so.

    Vlad to the rescue! If any of you ladies need images resized, cropped, optimized, email them to me. Don't be shy, it's on the house! :amuse:

    Email: vlad [@] purseblog.com
  2. I'll get the images back to you as soon as possible.

    Alternatively, you can email me the thread in which you'd like the pictures posted, and I will add them to your post.
  3. Vlad - you rock!
  4. You're awesome! Thanks so much for helping us computer-challenged folks! ;)
  5. [​IMG]

  6. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: That's really funny, but so true.
  7. You've been so helpful with me sharing my pics. Thanks, again, Vlad! You're a doll!
  8. Thanks Vlad!! Last night I was trying for an hour to resize my pic and finally gave up, LOL. I'll email it once I get home from work. Thanks big time!
  9. ok me too. i just found your email address. i had just emailed a letter to someone.....


    suzie w
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