Picture of you with the medium Cambon tote?

  1. Thanks so much for sharing the news about the Waikiki store sale! I called them and am totally excited about getting a medium tote. I've always loved the pink and black but forced myself not to love them because of the price. *_* But I'm worried that it might be too small for my carrying a lot of crap around needs. Do any of you have a pickie with you carrying the bag? That would be so much appreciated by me.

  2. I hope it's the right bag, but here is a pic of me with my Chanel tote:

  3. Aw thanks!
  4. i dont like that it dosent fit over the shoulder, but thats just me :sad:
  5. It does on me if I only have a t-shirt or a tank on.
  6. well lucky u LOL
    Im 130 lbs and 5'7 and it fits snug on me, like u can tell it sort of tight looking
  7. That is a lovely chanel tote! Its making me want a pink/black combo now!
  8. OMG, now I want that!! Ahhh this forum will be the death of me!
  9. LV_Addict, I'm looking at your picture and falling more and more in love with it.

    Do I really need 4 pink purses!?! Eeks!
  10. Could someone post picture with the large tote on their shoulders too? Just so we can compare? That would be fabulous!
  11. Of course you do! haha! :nuts:
  12. I ABSOLUTELY agree that it's a snug fit, but if you ever need two free hands for something, there is that option of putting it on your shoulder for a few minutes (you don't have that option with LV Speedy or Alma for ex.).:biggrin:
  13. Waving Hi to everyone.
    Here's my new large tote :love: :love: ~~ comfy on the shoulder, too.
    Chanel.JPG Michigan and My Handbags 058.jpg
  14. ^^^STUNNING!!!:love:
  15. OOh, I love your pink tote, too! I just read that they may be discontinuing the pink Cambon?! :sad2:
    Is it true?