Picture of Watercolor Stripe tote

  1. The watercolor stripe tote that I ordered yesterday arrived. Not sure if I love it though. I think there's too much blue in it for me - I would have loved it if they would have done the straps in the fuschia/magenta color.

  2. ooooo...that's very pretty though...gorg summer bag!
  3. I want that same style bag, but in scribble. Does it fit on your shoulder or are the straps too short?
  4. I love it! It's what I want, and I'm happy the straps are blue!
  5. It looks great for summer. The stripes look weird for some reason! lol!
  6. That tote is CUTE! Perfect for summer!
  7. The drop is about 8" or so, so yes, it fits on my shoulder, but not over a jacket or coat.
  8. It is gorgeous! Now i think i want it :p
  9. very pretty!
  10. I like it - great for summer!
  11. very pretty, I would love to have the wristlet!
  12. omg! I love it!! Where did you get it? I don't see it online yet!

  13. love the colors!!!
  14. now that i look at it again, i would personally love the stripes in the green! too bad coach doesn't do special orders... i'd be in trouble :graucho:
  15. Love it! I was going to order it, but Coach.com does not like my check card, and I don't want to put it on the credit card. :yes:

    I'm hoping Dillards will have it. No Coach store here. :s