Picture of violet and jaune!!!

  1. Just got this picture and would like to share with all of you! To be honest, jaune is quite disappointing:sad:
  2. The yellow is stunning :heart:
  3. I cannot wait to see them IRL!!!! Yippee!!!! Dying for violet!!!!!
  4. oH neatO!!! Thanks for sharing... :yes:
  5. the purple is pretty :girlsigh:... but the yellow isn't doing anything for me:sleepy:...
  6. thanks for sharing:smile: i like jaune/marigold.
  7. Thanks for the pic! I like both a lot
  8. Thank you for the photo! I think Jaune is exciting; the purple is okay. I'm just not a purple girl, but I'm still looking forward to seeing everyone's violet photos!
  9. Loving the yellow. Purple looking too close to Eggplant to justify having both.
  10. Thank you for the picture! Hmm... I wish Jaune was a lil shade lighter. Nonetheless, I like them both!
  11. Thanks for posting the pic:heart:

    Actually, I like Jaune more than I thought I would....it reminds me of 04 Marigold:tender:

    Even though I have 3 Eggplants, as a purple lover, I need something small in Violet...:p
  12. I love 'em both!!!
    juane violet.jpg
  13. Thanks for posting these. In these pics, violet does look very close to eggplant and much darker than previous pics I have seen. The Juane looks almost like caramel of f/w '06???? I hope this isn't a good representation of Juane. I think in reality it's going to look a lot like Marigold, hoping it will anyway. :smile:
  14. Absolutely stunning!!!
  15. I got the picture from BalNY. I hope I can see some pictures with both of them in natural light. You know BalNY ones are always not that accurate.