Picture of the new B-bag courrier!

  1. The Balenciaga behind bars!! :lol:

    Here it is... picture of the new b/w stripe B-bag in Courrier style!! It's now available at Aloha Rag for $1095. Size is 15" X 23" X 8.5" (that sounds huge!).


    AR is also expecting to receive the b/w stripe in Day (14.4" X 14.5" X 5") later on.

    I like the Courrier if only it's smaller in size. I would rather have the b/w stripe in First or City but AR is only receiving them in Courrier and Day. :sad:
  2. Yikes!
    I think I'll stick go the good ol' fashioned leather Bbags.
  3. Ditto. Though the toile one does have my fancy a little bit, but for that price, it's goat hide for me!
  4. Ha ha ha! :lol: Looks like CeeJay and I are the only ones fancy this color combo. ;)
  5. I like it. I especially like the texture on the 'white' stripes. Added feature!
  6. It looks kinda of ordinary. Nothing spectacular about it, but maybe it's just the picture.
  7. All it needs is a whistle and some yellow flags and it's ready for the NFL! :lol:

    Ah, I shouldn't be snarky. I'd probably like the stripes if they were blue or yellow and white.
  8. doesnt look as good in this style me thinks- i prefer it in the city
  9. Sheesh.... I think I will stick to the older style b-bags.
  10. I don't think I'm a fan either.. ! :sad:
  11. I LOVE this bag, but not in courrier - in the city style! Now that is gorgeous (and I am normally not a fan of the non-leather bbags!)
  12. Perfect for your b-bag loving referee!
  13. I love it, actually! The stripes are really bold
  14. it looks kind of funny:lol: But i wouldn't go for it:wacko:
  15. hehehe, its different!