Picture of my tweed bag--what do you think?

  1. I am not a big fan of Chanel tweed bags. But I brought this baby home. What do you think? I want to hear honest opinions from people who share the same passion for Chanel bags.
    chanel bag1.jpg chanel bag2.jpg
  2. wow i never like tweed but that i gorgeous baobao and it looks like it can fit quite a lot looks expandable to me :smile: i love it its stunning!
  3. The same, not a huge tweed fan ususally but LOVE this little bag, I really like the mix of leather and tweed. And, looks like it could dress up or down - very cute! :smile:
  4. Thanks! I am glad to hear that. I worried that people will think I am nuts to spend so much on a tweed bag.. I was debating between getting this or a classic flap but really liked this one since I want a white bag, but not all white.
  5. i think it's unique.. do you mind me asking how much you paid for it?
  6. Paid about $1000. Hope that is not too much = ) not sure if a tweed bag is worth this price.
  7. me 2, never really like those chanel tweed bags for the price, but i really like yours for 1000 ! mind me asking where you bought it from?
  8. I actually got it from a consignment store. It is from 2005 so it is not new but in mint condition though. That is why I say the price is really steep-for a used bag!!! But I just had to bring it home. Consignement store is not cheap!
  9. Is that blue I see in the tweed? I think it's really cute--it would look great with jeans! I like the look of tweed when it's worn in a fun way, like with jeans--something casual to balance the "properness" of tweed!
  10. No. It is actually purple = ) but I see your point. It does go well with jeans! But I don't like the fact that tweed is kind of a winter bag = (
  11. Did you buy this bag in a boutique? I've never seen it before! Looks great, very different from other Chanel tweeds.
  12. I'm also not a fan of tweeds, but I think this is gorgeous, good choice!
  13. This is pretty cool. It's the same pattern tweed of the Chanel jacket that I love.
  14. very nice, i love tweed bags

  15. I don't think this is a winter bag--it looks like it would be great for all seasons--the cream leather really looks fresh! I think it's a great bag!