Picture of my new Work (Violet) and City (Jaune)

  1. Hi, here are my new purchases (ill-timed since I was supposed to be on a purse ban after buying 2 bottega bags and a wallet four days earlier). :shame: But I just love the colors, it's so TDF!!!

    Anyway, I have a question for those who own a city or a part-time. My friend carried her city using the shoulder strap and it broke while she was crossing the street (it was very embarassing for her - someone asked her if her bag was a fake!!). Has anyone ever had that experience?
  2. Oh 2 gorgeous bags!! Love the violet work!! Congrats!!
    No never heard of a shoulder strap breaking, can she get it fixed? x
  3. beautiful bags. i love those two colors.
  4. Congrats, krustycrabcakes!!!
    B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L BAGS!!! :tup::tup:
    I've a violet city & jaune work + twiggy, and I adore them dearly. The color are so gorgeous!!! :love::love:

    Sorry, no experience in any broken straps. Thank God for this!!! Guess, I'll be more careful in not putting too much weight to my bag since it happened to your gf.
  5. What a lovely pair... CUTE flower charm t:huh:.. :girlsigh:
  6. Gorgeous bags! I have never heard of a strap breaking. Where exactly did it break on the bag? Can you describe it?
  7. Thanks! Luva Pug, she went back to the store and they fixed it. She's been afraid to use the strap after that - kinda scared me into not using the strap of my part-time and city bags! But I'd like to think that the strap is functional and not just for decoration so I'd like to get opinions before I try!!

    Nada, we have the opposite combination! haha. I've never had two bright colours from the same season strike my fancy before! I don't regret getting them one bit (though I'll probably get a heart attack once my credit card bill comes through next month!)

    Oogie Woogie, I bought the flower at an old traditional incense/potpourri shop in Kyoto. It has potpourri inside. Isn't it precious?

    powderpuff100, the strap came off because the stud that held it popped out (at the side).
  8. wow..jaune is beautiful!
  9. They're gorgeous, I'm drooling over your picture!!
  10. congrats!

    which part of the strap broke? the clasp? or the leather strap actually tore from the weight?
  11. Congrats! Love both colors!
  12. GORGEOUS BAGS!!~ i especially love your jaune city. i want one too
  13. Beautiful bags!!!! Use them well!!!!!!!!
  14. i've heard of several studs coming out in the past
  15. Had to enlarge this beautiful photograph - the bags are just gorgeous!