Picture of my new bbag! (lilac '06 first)

  1. Ok - I hope this works....I am trying to post a picture. I tried to take it in natural light but the good ol' English weather is not cooperating with me!

    This bag has not (yet?!) been ranskimmie-fied or lubROOdermed and has been carried one time. It is a nice colour - not cadaverish!

    Sorry - I went a little nuts with the watermarking!
  2. haha~~i love the color!!!! congrats!!!!
  3. It's a beautiful colour!
  4. congrats star lovely color :smile:
  5. love it..

    and love the watermarking..that should keep the ebay thiefs off your back

    A :flowers:
  6. Gorgeous bag... and great watermarking! :roflmfao:
  7. I love that color! I am thinking of tracking one down. What a great bag!
  8. Gotta love that watermarking lol...:lol: good one! & the lilac first is gorgeous of course!
  9. Great bag!!!
  10. stars, congrats! very pretty!
  11. Congrats! It's gorgeous!
  12. Congrats! I love the lilac! YAY!!!!
  13. Love your bag, soo pretty! And your watermarking is great :yes:
  14. stars, very pretty! absolutely not cadaver-like.:blink: your watermark is hilarious!:lol:
  15. Lovely bag! and the watermarking is funny :biggrin: