Picture of my gold pearls

  1. Hi, thought I would add to the photo pool by showing these gold colored pearls. They are graduated in size from 11mm to 14mm and matching drop earrings. Its my first photo post ever on the net.
    Sharon pearl.jpg
  2. Your pearls are very lovely and worthy of wearing to a special occasion. You look quite elegant and sophisticated.
  3. Gosh, they are incredibly beautiful ... almost as beautiful as you!

    Gold pearls are divine, and you wear them so well.
    Thanks for posting. It's always a pleasure to see someone wearing something so dreamy.
  4. Oh they are beautiful.
  5. I think it looks lovely, very different, a very unique special piece, love the matching earring, a rare wonder.
  6. GORGEOUS!!! I absolutely adore colored pearls and those are stunning. And congrats on such a lovely photo being your first on the web. :smile:
  7. Lovely!! They look beautiful on you!
  8. fabulous!
  9. those are gorgeous, look absolutely stunning on u.
  10. Beautiful pearls and you wear them well. I love pearls, too! I recently bought three strands - pearls are my latest passion. Congratulations on a gorgeous set!

  11. wow...your pearl necklack is so pretty :smile: what a bling!!!
  12. wow they look beautiful on you :biggrin:
  13. Gorgeous!!
  14. beautiful pearls. they look great on you.
  15. you're a very beautiful lady and those pearls are so lucky ;) hehehehe. ok, i don't want to make anybody blush here.

    they're very complimenting to what you're wearing. they're also huggge (that's a good thing b/c it looks nice). awww, thanks for being so brave and contributing in the picture pool...many people aren't so brave to contribute full face shots. go you!