Picture of my four Chanel bags

  1. I bought four Chanel bags in 20 days!!!!! Imagine that! I managed to squeeze all of them into one picture. I need to stop for a while. Seriously. I am nervously waiting for the huge bill to come now...
    All Chanel Bags1.JPG
  2. Love Them All!! Woo Ohooo!!!!!!!!
  3. i loveeeee the pink one! gorgeous.
  4. Wow!!! They are all so pretty!
  5. wow! that's 1 bag every 5 days. drool...
  6. Wow...they're all FAB!!! :nuts:
  7. wow!CONGRATZ!!!!
  8. Those are gorgeous! :drool:
  9. wow!!! wish i could do that! *sigh*:love:
  10. Those are 4 beautiful bags! I especially love the red one! its my favorite color! :nuts:
  11. ohhhh sooooooooooo pretty! you are my kind of girl, i totally understand buying 4 Chanels in a very short period of time, understand it, honor it, and want as a friend anyone who does it, has done it, is thinking about doing it, or hasnt done it but thinks there's nothing wrong with it!

    good for you!:wlae:
  12. :roflmfao: So funny!

    Enjoy your bags, baobaobeibei!
  13. Great color choices. Pink and red are my favs!!
  14. Enjoy them...
  15. Very nice!!!!!!!