Picture of my "Collection"

  1. Hey everyone. I just posted and wanted to know what people thought of my collection and you wanted pics. So here we go!

    Image One- http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=5zp6ety
    (From Left to Right, Top To Bottom)- Medium Coach Hobo, Burberry Small Sling, Dooney & Bourke It Bag Small Barrel, and Louis Vuitton Classic Monogram Pouchette).

    Image Two- http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=4l40g2s
    (Same Way)- Michael Kors New Fall '07 Bag, Coach Signature Demi, Guess Limited Edition Studded, and Dooney & Bourke Itsy Bitsy It Bag).

    Image Three, My Accessory Accessories-
    (Same Way... Again)- Coach Hampton Wallet, Marc Jacobs Wallet, Marc Jacobs Wallet, Dooney & Bourke It Bag Wallet, Coach Wristlets x3, and Dior Wallet.

    For all of you that read my post earlier, I did decide on the Pucci bag. East 64th Street, here I come!

    ps- stop the fakes!
  2. Cute pics....but what is up with the penises on your second group of pictures? Wonder why those showed up?
  4. oh.my.god. my luck. hahahahahaha. it showed up because they were the next posts posted after me. confusing. but those are NOT mine. lol
  5. I'm 13... if that matters. About the collection, not the penises :smile: