Picture of My Chloe Collection

  1. I've finally got around to taking some pictures of my Chloes for you all :love:

    Current collection includes Paddingtons in Grenat 05, Creme 06 and Black 06; Quilted Bay in Moka; Ava in Antelope; Medium Betty in Chocolate; Edith Two-Pocket in Roche and Python Silverado in two-tone Chocolate.

    I am expecting my Ivory Quilted Bay and Whiskey Edith early next week so will update pictures then :yes:

    Entire Collection:

    Just Paddies:

    Paddies Close-up:

    Non-Paddy Collection:

    If anyone knows how to post pics direct so that you don't have to click the links then please go ahead :flowers:
  2. Very nice! Thanks for sharing. May I ask where you got the Edith Double-Pocket? I've been looking for that bag. NM and BG only have it in maize and white.
  3. Gorgeous collection , love the silverado & am really thinking I like the Ava very much! mmmmmmm!!!!! :yahoo:
  4. Thanks for sharing. It is a gorgeous collection!!! I love the creme paddy!:smile:
  5. Beautiful collection, you have great taste!
  6. Bal OMG OMG OMG is all I can say!

    I WANT your black and grenat paddy!!!

    I knew you had an amazing collection, just didn't realise HOW amazing! love love love love love them!

    Are you talking about that the pics just appear on the screen? Well I use photobucket which is free, you load your pics in there and under each pic there is three strings. YOu just simply copy and paste the third one on here to your post and voila!

    Congrats again - my keyboard is wet with drooling
  7. VERY Nice!! :smile:

  8. Entire Collection:


    Just Paddies:


    Paddies Close-up:


    Non-Paddy Collection:


    Lovely collection, Balchlfen! :biggrin:
  9. Wow!

    Your collection is amazing:yahoo:

    Loving your moka Quilted Bay:drool:

    I may have to cheat on Balenciaga for one of those:love:
  10. Thanks for your comments guys :love:

    The two-pocket Edith was from a wonderful eBay seller but I know NAP has one in Khaki which is gorgeous. I have a Whiskey on it's way to me because I love the style so much :yahoo:

  11. I WANT your Silverado!! and I don't even like them as a whole (I'm not a whipstitch gal). Also your new Ava is buttery beautiful. Such a fabulous collection, well rounded too!
  12. WOWSER! Totally beautiful collection! I love everything. Each one has a personality. Just TDF!
  13. Thanks PP for the tip on Photobucket; for a quick lesson how do you do the watermark on the pictures? Maybe we don't need Nata's daughter to get our photo collection on this forum.

    Bal I like the way you displayed your bags. The only thing I desire is to see the Ava on a human shoulder IRL or pic. That purse may be my next bag (your color), but not untill the FALL of 07!
  14. Beautiful collection!:drool:
  15. Thank you Susieserb - I will get some photos of me carrying some of the bags when my SO gets home after the weekend :yes:

    I use "One More Watermarker". It was a free download from the internet. If you Google "One More Watermarker" then it should come up. Ever so easy to use :yes: