picture of me and perfo speedy

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  1. someone asked me to post pics of me holding the bag. so here it is.
  2. sorry I need to clean my mirror.. :lol:

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  3. I think it looka nice on you. :amuse:
  4. I think it's cute on you. But, if you have doubts I say exchange it. They came out with the cutest Perfo open toe pumps. Sorry random.
  5. I think it looks cute on you too...but if you're not in love, take it back.
  6. Me! I think it looks great on you.
  7. well dh says I can't return it anyways.. so it's a keeper.. I'm going to wear it out today to see how it feels outside the house..
  8. Yep, as you were saying before in a previous post, kinda looks like a dog carrier. Exchange it if you're not absolutely thrilled w/ it. I felt you would appreciate the honestly...:lol:
  9. maybe i should buy a little dog and put it in there .. hahaahha j/k

  10. :lol:
  11. hmmm not crazy about it, maybe you can exchange it for another LV bag? or a bunch of accessories?
  12. :lol: I can't get that dog carrier thing out of my head :lol:
  13. it looks nice. i thought it would b bad.. im not fond of the green but overall its cute. actually if ppl would see u with that they would b impressed with the fact u got a ****in LV
  14. If you dislike that much could you sell it on ebay and use the $ towards something you want? That might be an option. Maybe someone here on the PF might want it too.
  15. There ya go! Ha! But at least you've got the appropriate color for today! Happy St Patty's Day!