Picture of Holiday Patchwork Tote Style 10434

  1. Do you own the Holiday Patchwork Tote, style 10434? If so, could you please take some photos of it for me? Thanks!
  2. [​IMG]




    I had one and sold it on eBay so here are the pics I took for the listing. hope it helps!
  3. Thanks, Court811! You said you sold it on eBay. Did you buy it on eBay as well or from a boutique/department store?
    The reason I am asking is because ALL of the bags being sold on eBay look exactly like what you posted. BUT they do not match the drilldown exactly. And I just wanted to verify that there could be some slight differences in patch sizes/colors?
  4. I bought it at Dillards (dept store). All of the patches should look the EXACT same on all bags in that style. there should be no variations
  5. The problem is that a lot of cameras will make the colors of the patches look really different from what's on the drilldown and even what's on another picture, especially with some of the metallic patches.But the size and position of the patches will always be identical. And in the patterned sections there will be differences between different bags in the pattern itself, but they'll always be in exactly the same place, and both the front and back of the bag will be identical.

    There are a HUGE number of fake patchwork bags on Ebay. You have to be really careful what you buy and who you buy from, and analyze their feedback thoroughly. With a highly counterfeited item like the Patchwork bags, you should probably concentrate on the well-trusted sellers at Ebay and pay a bit more but know that you're getiing the real thing. And please post the auction link at the Authenticate This thread so someone here can take a good look at it just to be sure. Always look for listings where the seller has good clear pictures of both the inside and outside of the bag and shows the creed patch.
  6. Exactly! This is what I thought! But will you check your photo against the drilldown. You will see that it doesn't match EXACTLY:


    You will see that on the drilldown there is one tan patch, that is pink on your picture. And then there is another longer patch, that is then split into two patches on your picture.

    I had posted to Authenticate this about this bag and I got no response, so I just wanted someone who had purchased a guaraneeted authentic bag to post a picture of theirs. So thank you!!!
  7. I understand what you're saying, I'm not sure, but I do know that mine is authentic, whatever that's worth. good luck!
  8. All the holiday patchwork is 25% off at Macy's right now
  9. Another thing to keep in mind is that the pics in the Drilldown could be and most likely be prototype bags. For example, the pics of the Poppy Line coin purse in the catalog show the poppy off center. However, my coin-purse the poppy is centered. It's authentic because I bought it at the Store.
  10. same here, and Dillards had them 50% off