Picture of Gorgeous Python Flap available for EGC

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  1. Here is the only picture I could take of the Python Flap with tassel.

    It is Gorgeous., no metallic hues, no mixed hues, just a salmony/caramely/with a tinge of light, light brown.

    Here are the specs
    Size: 10" Side to Side
    7" tall, Only one flap so it fits a bit more.
    Tag reads A2008Cruise
    light brown, but it is not a light brown., the color is very neutral and gorgeous.Double chains with a 10" drop.
    Price $4,350.00, which compared to $5,000.00 for the clutches seems reasonable........

    So, so gorgeous, Python lovers pm me for SA info, before I do something crazy....:sweatdrop::heart:H

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  2. wow, it is gorgeous.. thank you for the picture!
  3. ^^wow nice bag with the tassle too but pricey!!!

    considering that exact style used to be 2995 USD or 3125 USD, depending on the size

    python clutches from 07 are still just 1895 USD too, the new ones in black and bronze (odd looking IMO) are crazy at 4800 USD or so!!! its the exact same size as the python dk silver/khaki clutch that sells for 1895 USD if you can still find it!
  4. OMG......I can't believe this.....just checked the quick notes I took and the notes the SA gave me, do not know if it was her error of I am dislexic
    do not even know how to spell that, but I have made a big, big mistake in the posted price................just rechecked and the price is $3,450.00 not the $4,350.00 I posted......HECK.....AT THIS BARGAIN PRICE MAYBE EVEN I CAN AFFORD IT., i PMED the two people who were interested and told them my error.....thanks so much CALISNOOPY for making me recheck this price......................So Sorry everyone!!!!:heart:H

  5. $3450?!? that is sooo tempting!!!! my adrenaline is pumping...has anyone gotten it??
  6. wow....it's soooo beautiful, thanks for posting!~
  7. it's a beauty
  8. haiz...i really want this beauty!
  9. thats gorgeous!
  10. That python bag is beautiful yet subtle!!

    You go girl!!
  11. OMG this bag is TDF thanks so much for posting!!! If I hadn't already reached my bag quota for the year, I would DEFINITELY WANT it!
  12. wow, thats a gorgeous bag, but when i think about the price increases I just :crybaby:.
    Shouldve snapped them up earlier, I guess :sad:
  13. If this bag is still available, can you PM me? Very interested..thanks
  14. ^^I believe habanerita picked up after some consideration hehe...hope to see modeling pics soon!!! :smile:
  15. ^ Yeah, somehow it followed her home LOL