Picture of current SLG stock from your SA

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Jun 19, 2016
Hi! Sometimes it is hard to find the right SLG without knowing what is out there. I'd like to invite you to this new thread to help search for your next SLG. (Please delete if not allowed).

Would you mind asking your SA for a picture of their current SLG stock? Please indicate the store and SA's name so we can reach out.

I'm currently looking for a pink caviar SHW card holder (if it exists). Thank you all!


Mar 5, 2016
Please see the following thread under the Chanel Shopping Forum:


I have had great success posting here for specific SLGs, such as the one you are seeking. If you can add a photo copied from Google or posted on TPF, your chances are even higher that another member will contact you.

Also see:
https://forum.purseblog.com/threads...chatting-please.937411/page-166#post-31219556 [On this thread, questions should only be sent via "private conversation", and kindly NOT posted directly on the thread, per the "no chatting" rules, as the subject heading suggests. :smile:]

Under this thread members "do" post items they see when out-and-about or photos of current merchandise sent to them by their SAs.

Wishing you success in your search. :flowers:
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