Picture of cloth protector for Kelly straps?

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  1. Hi everyone! :smile:

    Wondering if a helpful soul might be willing to post a picture of their cloth
    protector for the Kelly top flap/straps? I recently bought a pre-owned black box Kelly 35cm, :yahoo: and it no longer has the protector. I'd like to just cut up a piece of soft fabric to use in its place. Would really appreciate any

    Also, I read on this forum that Kellys/Birkins are supposed to be stored lying flat in the box. Wouldn't this place unnecessary weight on the bag flap (i.e. less stress on the leather if it's stored upright)?

    Thanks much,
    Lara :smile:
  2. I don't think that having a cloth protector for straps is necessary. A couple of my Birkins came home without it. When the first Birkin didn't have it, I called the store. SA told me that, sometimes, they throw it away before they put it on display case!:wtf: :wtf: :wtf: I didn't mind not having it. So, I did not make a big deal out of it. When another Birkin didn't have it, I didn't even bother to call Hermes to ask for it.

    I store bags in their boxes the same way as when I picked them up from Hermes. I heard that's the best way to keep the shape of the bag for a long time.
  3. Me too, aspen. My SA always says to store them lying down in their box to "let them rest awhile" - so cute!

    Lara - you could just cut a rectangle piece of felt and cut slits for the straps and the turnlock - slip it over and then close the bag up. the "old" felt protectors were like this....they didn't fold up like the newer ones. The vintage bags didn't have them at all, so you probably don't need one, like aspen said.....but I can understand you might like one.
    Or you could call a store and just ask for one. Most of the stores would have some lying around, I'm sure!
  4. my birkin didn't come with it either and my SA told me the same thing. They just throw it out after they open it. Then why do they have it if it's not necessary? :confused1:
  5. ... Just went and laid my Kelly down in her sleeper!!
  6. Thank you so much, aspen, GF, CX and Ms. Twilly! =)
  7. As I said, two of my Birkins did not come with it. So, only the first one kind of freaked me out. When the second one didn't come with it, I didn't care at all...because when I give my bags a break, I put them in a sleeper bag, and into the box. I don't use that protecting cloth. So, it didn't bother me by not having it...
  8. If I had your beautiful bags I wouldn't have notice the cloth is missing. I will be too busy looking at the bags. Your collection is so amazing. :yes: