Picture of Chanel "Naked Bag"

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  1. Here's a picture of the "Naked Bags" for all who were wondering. Picture is from nitrolicious.com. Enjoy!

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  2. looks cheap
  3. it reminds me of LV bags that were done several seasons ago..... it doesnt look good.
  4. If I had a bunch of other Chanel bags- I'd get the huge tote just for fun- looks like a great beach tote.
  5. not for me!
  6. i liike them but not sure if im gonna carry it ?
  7. aaah, perfect for dept store employees:yes: they usually have to carry clear handbags.
  8. i personally don't like them. Chanel did make some lucite bags a long while ago.
  9. not for me either.
  10. I wonder how much these plastic bags will cost.
  11. I would not use it to hold personnal items. The only way I would use this tote is if I was at the mall, and used it to hold my shopping bags.

    It's probably not worth how much it is going to cost.
  12. Oh my gosh - who wants everyone to see all the crap you lug around in your purse?? I do not understand this bag.
  13. That was my first thought too, Pink! :P

    The large one would be okay as a beach bag. :yes:
  14. Exactly what I was thinking! :yes: :yes: :yes:
  15. I'd never buy one either, but this was the idea behind it...

    From Women's Wear Daily several weeks ago:

    O SAY CAN YOU SEE?: Leave it to Karl Lagerfeld to react quickly to changes in modern life - even troubling ones - and find a positively chic solution. When a terror scare in London last month evoked a ban on liquid items and gels on airplanes, forcing some passengers to tote carry-on items in clear plastic bags, the designer had a better idea. He dreamed up the "Naked Bag" for Chanel, transparent but with a subtle quilting pattern, dark piping and signature chain handles. Although an important vacation month in France, Lagerfeld said he "had the Chanel factories opened to have them made in a second..." Available in a variety of sizes and styles, the clearly modern accessories are slated to arrive in Chanel boutiques soon.