Picture of Balenciaga with Thomas Wylde scarf!

  1. The bag she has it tied on is a Magenta hobo.
  2. Im pretty sure that is the magenta day bag. Neat color!
  3. Thanks! BEAUTIFUL color!
  4. Oh great, now I need one lol.
  5. Ask her if the bag is included? :lol:
  6. They look fab together, makes it look very edgy !
  7. Both the scarf and the bag are great; I really like that combination. She has displayed her product extremely well; very appealing.
  8. The scarf looks so fabulous on the BBag!!!
  9. that bag is gorgeous... and that scarf is very goth.. hmm it would match my rouge twiggy... but ack.. that price can get me a new bag!
  10. It's a wee bit creepy for me, but does look good on the balenciaga.
  11. That black & white scarf looks so good on the magenta!
  12. It is! Just Kidding!!!:lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. That looks so cool :nuts: The scarf really complements the bright color of the bag.