Picture of a new Princy Guccissima color (boston style) . . .

  1. Just got this yesterday at Neimans. It's supposedly a Neimans exclusive color. I am planning on returning it though. I just don't see myself using it as much as I would a white bag.

    Plus, I just got a MJ cecilia (small). So I'm feeling kinda guilty about another purchase.

    Just thought I'd post pictures in case anyone needed it for reference. I'll check on the official name later. But it's a cognac color.
    Gucci Princy Cognac.jpg
  2. i likie!!! i likie alot
  3. I seen that one and the princy guccissima hobo in that color when I went to NM this weekend. I love the color. I wish my guccissima princy tote was that color.
  4. Cute color but if you don't love it, return it!
  5. I love itt!
  6. love the color, too bad it didn't work out for you.