Picture-My Turqouis Bolide and Orange ostrich Birkin;Finally, pictures can be bigger!

  1. Finally I got my picture developed and got CD....Sorry for the delay, guys...
    I hope it comes out all right. I am not mechanical at all...
    orange ostrich birkin.JPG turqouis.JPG Orange and torquise.JPG
  2. It used to be bigger when I clicked on the pictures... This time it does not get bigger. I don't know why...; FIXED THIS PROBLEM!
  3. wow, aspen, a fuchsia and an orange ostrich Birkin?? you're sooooo lucky. must be hard picking out which ones to carry everyday (I know you have others too).
  4. I am so in love with that Turquois color now, it is so beautiful. You have a lovely collection of bags.
  5. both colors are GORGEOUS!!!! i love them!! actually, i love all the bags in your collection! what a lucky girl you are!!
  6. wow... lovely!!!

  7. Thanks for posting the pictures! They are beautiful bags!

    The orange ostrich is one of my dream bags. I'm ordering one when the manager goes to Paris in July. I hope they offer this color/leather combination so I get to have it soon!

    Is that an H charm lock you placed on your Bolide?!
  8. Yes. it is H lock...
  9. Beautiful collection!
  10. Beautiful! I tried on a turquoise bolide in SF last time I was there and it was so pretty!:heart: :heart:
  11. Gorgeous! Love your new Bolide! :love:
  12. <Insert picture of Greentea furiously trying to wipe the drool off of her keyboard...>
  13. La Van, you made me buy this bolide by looking at your beautiful ostrich bolid...(hehe^^). My next target is getting my blue jean Bombay (your another bad influence! I just LOVE your Bombay bag). I don't know how long I have to wait longer...
  14. WOW!!!! What beauties!!!
  15. They are both gorgeous! Thanks for sharing