Picture Heavy - Rebecca Minkoff PINK IRIS Mam

  1. *~*Beautiful MAM's!!! Love the bright Pink Iris one especially...it's a great color for Summer!*~*
  2. Cute bubblegum pink MAM a fun summer bag!
  3. Wow!! love all the pictures! Love the bag, love the lining!
  4. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures. I recently purchased a Cupid in the same color. It's such a pretty color. Now, I want a pink iris MAM too! :smile:
  5. it's the perfect color for summer!! congrats!
  6. ^^aw thanks all! but sold this baby :sad:

    I still have a pink iris affair though :biggrin:
  7. Aw how come if you don't mind me asking? :smile: I'm still debating whether I should get it or not.
  8. cause my closet looks like the inside of a pepto bismol bottle lol- had to sell some pink, was too much- lovely bag though
  9. Do you have any pics of your affair? :smile:
  10. here u go:smile:


  11. Pretty! Thanks!
  12. beautiful color,I love the first(far left one on the first pic) pink one, what is that color? a bit darker, looks so sweet:p
  13. that one is electric magenta :smile:
  14. I think that's the Electric Fuchsia? ;)
  15. oh is it lol? I always always get mixed up about that color, thanks lol