Picture from Chloe in Paris

  1. Hello. I just got back from Paris, and although I am mostly a Balenciaga girl, I thought I would share a photo that I took in Chloe in Paris.

    I believe these are the quilted Bay Bags? I just thought they were so beautiful and thought I would share the picture with you!


  2. Do hear them? They're calling my name!! Poor little darlings, I think I need to take them home :yes:

    siri anne - thanks for sharing and for thinking about us whilst you were in gay Paris!
  3. Oh Siri

    How could you not go in and buy them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gorgeous picture! Did you have a ball?
  4. Oh thanks for sharing, I called them today since I will be in Paris in in the middle of march...can't wait!
  5. I didn't, only because my arms were weighed down by the two Balenciaga's I had just purchased down the road!;)

    I have to say, those quilted Bay Bags are beautiful!
  6. oh no, its just getting worse! I need this bag so much. I am going to have to do it!

    thanks for the piccie, gosh those quilted bays are incredible :biggrin:
  7. OMG they are beautiful!!! :love:
  8. *kisses screen* Those darlings are absolutely stunning!!!
  9. Is this store the one on Rue Faubourg-Saint Honoré? I love the SAs there, they were so nice even when I didn't buy anything.
  10. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pics siri ann!
  11. Thanks for sharing Siri:love: Those bags looks so lovely....:graucho: may have to get an Ivory sister for my Moka :graucho:

    Only joking - I am satisfied :yahoo:
  12. wow! the black one is beautiful!
  13. Oh stupid question retail in euro is 1195 for the small 1395 for the larger one?
  14. I am happy you are enjoying the pics. It was such a lovely shot, I couldn't pass up taking it and was suprised how good the quality of the pic was considering I was on a mobile camera phone thingy.

    It was the Chloe on Faubourg-Saint Honoré. I didn't dare walk in, or I would have walked out with one of those lovelys!

    But I do have to say that all of the SA's were amazing. They were all so helpful and nice when I made purchases in Balenciaga, Gucci, Hermes and Pucci. So, yes, I did go a bit overboard with shopping, but I don't regret a single purchase. My only regret is not buying that lovely quilted Bay bag! Plus, the prices were less expensive (somewhat significantly) than what I would pay in the UK. For example, my Balenciaga was nearly 100GBP cheaper in Paris than in the Uk.

    I am sure I have another Chloe pic on mine or my DHs camera phone. Will have a look and post if I find it.

    :smile: :smile:
  15. :girlsigh: Thanks for sharing! Did you find out how much they retail for in Paris?