Picture Frame charm/Keyfob

  1. Show me yours...

    Do you put pic's in there? Do you use it on your handbag or keys ?
  2. I got one for Christmas that I am planning on putting on my keys as soon as I print some pics that small
  3. I have a pic of my hubby and kids (on vacation in Cali) in mine, I put it on my bags. Here's a pic of it:
  4. I have this one:
    I have a pic of my son on one side and a pic of my daughter on the other side (this keychain kinda resembles the way a locket is), and I hang it on my keys!
  5. I got mine at the outlet last week. I use it on my keys and plan of putting pics of my kids in it.
    Ebay Pics 716.jpg
  6. I got the heart one above. I am going to try to find a photo of my Lab (who just passed away Jan 2) in it.
  7. I was wondering the same thing. I just got mine yesterday at my local outlet. I have 4 kids but think I might put a picture of my little chihuahua in mine. The kids are older so I don't think they will care. Haha:p
  8. heres mine I put a picture on each side...


  9. ^^ beautiful!

    thanks everyone, I think i'm going to put this on my must have list.
  10. aw it's so sweet :love:
  11. I'm so sorry for your loss :sad:

    My Golden passed just before Christmas, so I bought this to put his pictures in. I plan on using it with my keys.

  12. ^^ That is so cute with the little heart hanging on it!
  13. Here is my picture Frame keyfob. I love how cute it looks with my oversized Tweety bird key! I have a picture of my husband and daughter inside.
  14. The locket is going to have my husband and dog. The pink one is going to have my family in it. I haven't got pictures in it cause I don't have ones that small so i may have to scan it and resize them.
    locket.JPG picframe.JPG