PICTURE: Esiders' Bbags


wishing and hoping
Nov 2, 2005
OK...I think I'm done for a while. :P

04-Pewter weekender; my cat Fitzy who insisted on being in the picture
05 - chocolate work; 05-rouge theatre work
06-sapin work; 06-cornflower blue work
06-truffle day; 06-pale pink work
06-rouge_vif money wallet
Beautiful, beautiful bags!!! I love all the colors. You've got a great collection of dark, light and bright bags. But are you ever really done........... :graucho: :smile:
WOW .... esiders :nuts: !!! You're bbag-family is ADORABLE :tender: - just TDF :yahoo: !! Thank you so much for sharing :love: ohhhh I especially love the 'brown' day - is it the truffle from fall 06 ?