PICTURE: Esiders' Bbags

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  1. OK...I think I'm done for a while. :P

    04-Pewter weekender; my cat Fitzy who insisted on being in the picture
    05 - chocolate work; 05-rouge theatre work
    06-sapin work; 06-cornflower blue work
    06-truffle day; 06-pale pink work
    06-rouge_vif money wallet
  2. gorgeous collection esiders!! I like the work a lot too... need to get me one of those!
  3. Beautiful, beautiful bags!!! I love all the colors. You've got a great collection of dark, light and bright bags. But are you ever really done........... :graucho: :smile:
  4. Pretty! Oh my.. look at all those works! I love how you've found the style that works for you best and stay with it!
  5. what a beautiful collection you have!! You really like the work huh? lol, the work is going to be one of my next aquisitions!
  6. WOW .... esiders :nuts: !!! You're bbag-family is ADORABLE :tender: - just TDF :yahoo: !! Thank you so much for sharing :love: ohhhh I especially love the 'brown' day - is it the truffle from fall 06 ?
  7. I love them all!
  8. Nice collection esiders:drool:
  9. that is 1 good looking collection you have going there! you must be a big fan of the work! all very nice. thanks for sharing
  10. Your collection is fabulous, even your cat can't get enough and had to stay in the pic !!!
  11. Thanks for sharing "workinggirl" :P , that choc just looks yummy...very nice colors!
  12. esiders...I LOVE your collection!! the colors are just what I would put together!
  13. :drool: Lovely collection :girlsigh: The leather looks sooo yummy, I especially love the rouge theatre work mmmm :heart: