Picture day for my purses!!!

  1. Hi All! I finally found the time to take pictures of my favorite purses. So here they are in order

    1. LV monogram canvas Sonatine
    2. LV damier canvas Tribecca Carre
    3. LV monogram mat Sutter
    4. Burberry novacheck tote w/ matching wallet
    5. My Coach collection

    Hope you all enjoy as much as i did taking them out for picture taking:biggrin:
    sonatine1.jpg damier1.jpg lvmat1.jpg bberry1.jpg coachella1.jpg
  2. Wow, love the Louis mat bag !
  3. I love your red bag... :smile:

  4. great collection! i have the lv sonatine and burberry tote too. :biggrin:
  5. I feel so left out in the world of LV! Your bags are gorgeous and everyone's collections are making me think I need to go buy an LV too!!
  6. The Sonatine is really nice :smile:

    Megs, I feel left out too. The next bag I will buy will surely be a Vuitton (I really hope so).
  7. youve got good taste!:biggrin:
  8. Very very nice
  9. how do u like ur sonatine?? i got one too, but its too small for me sometimes...
  10. I love the brown signature coach bag. Very nice choices, thanks for sharing!
  11. I find it a little too small too. I don't use it often enough because its too small. When i do use it i have to switch wallets and leave the palm pilot at home. Nevertheless, i still love it:love:
  12. I love the sonatine, I've been thinking about getting it for the longest time.
  13. Lovely collection. I especially like the LV sonatine.

    I like the way you positioned your bags next to a mirror so we can see their side views too. Very artsy!
  14. I love them thanks for sharing.
  15. you have such a nice collection!