Picts of Mandara and Noe


Nov 26, 2005
Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has these 2 bags... the shapes are quite odd, can anyone post picts of themselves carrying it? esp the noe? I'm looking for the smaller versions of both. Thanks

Also, any opinions on these 2 bags? Which is nicer between the 2?


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I don't have any pictures but I do have a MG petite noe. It was my first LV bag and bought it about six years ago. It's still the one I use the most, especially when shopping. It fits everything in and looks best when full. The only one thing I would say against it is the tie. You have to do this every time to open and close.
thanks Lilli! looks like the mandara is not very popular. I don't find many on ebay either.... i'm actually leaning towards the mandara since the tie on the noe can be quite troublesome....

mandara anyone?
My mom has the blue mandara.

it's not faked at all. (correct me if im wrong but i havent seen any in this fake infested city of manila)

it doesn't strike as a classic bag one would use forever. it's also very un-LV if there is such a thing. haha.
I have a Mandara MM and bought this year. this is my EPI bag and this is the only style I liked when I was in the store. But I haven't used it at all which like my other bags; just leave it in the closet. Now, I am cleaning my closet and it's one of the bags I am going to sell.