Pictocins anyone?

  1. Do any of you ladies own a Pictocin? I saw a couple today at the Hermes store and thought they look casual and light, something I can throw around. They seem to be always availble at the store, but if I want a particular leather and color, can I order it? Have any of you? Also, does anyone know how much it is, I think it was USD$2600, but can't remember exactly.
  2. They are lovely bags....I saw one at the San Francisco H store in black but I don't know what size....there was also a combo color smaller one - turqouise & white. I THINK they run about $2400 and up but I'm not certain....anyone?
  3. I paid $1550 for a PM clemence in etoupe earlier this year. They hold a great deal, and are just fun bags. Your SA may be able to do a search for you, so there may be no need for a special order.
  4. Price is not bad, considering that's could easily be a price of their wallets. LOL

    I guess it all depends the leather. PM clemence sounds nice and squishy.
  5. Squishy, yes.
  6. I think the Picotin usually comes in Clemence. I saw a MM size (my favorite) for around $1600.
  7. because of my little mini catalog purchase today, i got the picotin on the brain. do they ever come with gold hardware (the little hardware that they have i mean - just the buckle and the feet)? would anyone that has one please please please post a picture holding it, for a size reference. please please. and is there any problem with stuff falling or tumbling out when you're out and about? i don't know if i'm afraid i'll suddenly have an urge to do a cartwheel or something, but that big opening looks both super convenient and a little ... over-exposed. thoughts?
  8. I don't know, HiHeels. I'm thinking the opening is just a little to open for my piece of mind. And for you, in NYC, I think you'd be better off with the Kelly you've been wanting. The Pictocin is a nice bag but IMO very, very casual. For the money I'd say save it for your Kelly...
  9. just can't stop thinking about the picotin in rouge h. maybe because it feels more accessible, pardon the pun. not worried about nyc as much as my gemini mood swings - convinced one minute that the picotin is the way to go, but might of course feel different in a week. dh agrees with you. i would still like to explore the picotin a bit further.
  10. I fell in love with an orange Picotin in SF last weekend. DH thought the opening was just too open and he prefered the GP Twilly (but they didn't have any). I think it is so cute for a casual, just running errands bag. And it felt so good (I think it was togo). I'm sure someone has a pic of themselves holding one but if not I have a bag I crocheted that is roughly the same size/shape just for size reference if you want to see it. :flowers:
  11. i think i prefer the picotin to the gp. it's a great way to enjoy some of the hermes leathers and colors (i'm just not a toile, canvas, etc. person). you can cinch the little belt to make it a little closed.
  12. just throw a silk over the opening, darling, if you really want it!
    i do that with my goyard.
  13. will that prevent dropping stuff? i'm not so afraid of exposing my stuff, just of it tumbling out.
    it's a sweet little bag. it just looks like a delicious way to carry some rouge h. :yes:
  14. I've never had anything tumble out. I live in NYC, too, and the pickpocketing hasn't been an issue because, like arcangel, I tie a scarf over the opening.