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  1. I hope this works. LOL


  2. I will post pics of my other lovelies once they arrive.
  3. Gorgeous purse! I love how the wallet matches.
  4. Very pretty!
  5. Thank you.

    It was hard trying to hold the bag/wallet and take the pics.
  6. Lovely!

    Thats one thing I dont have is a gucci wallet.
  7. You should get one.

    I always get a wallet to match my bags.
  8. Second Purchase...

  9. What a gorgeous bag! Well, the first one is great too and so is the wallet :p
    Congratulatons and thanks for sharing.
  10. Great set!
  11. I love your Boston Bag. I have the same one but in White Guccissima. It is such a fun bag to carry. Congrats on both your bags and wallet!!!
  12. Thanks. I have a Bouvier guccisima coming and an Abbey baguette for my daughter. I will post the pics when they arrive.
  13. wowoo that's very nice :biggrin:
  14. great purchases! congrats and enjoy!
  15. My new Gucci - received lots of compliments today (Chocolate Indy)