PICS - Your Diaper Bag in Action!

  1. all of the other threads have pictures of their designer bags in action, so why shouldn't we mothers and mamas-to-be? i need some inspiration on how to organize my diaper bag when the little guy arrives, so i would love to see how some stylin' purseforum ladies do it!

    thanks!! :tup:
  2. Cute thread!
    Unfortunately, i'm embarassed, my diaper bag would never be up to "posting" standards!!
  3. Great idea! I've been waiting for a thread like this:smile: I'm still waiting for my little girl to make her debut but I already have 2 little boys so I think I've "prepped" enough for this one. I already have a couple of cute diaper bags and will post pics in a bit!
  4. Coooool. I can take pics of the bags I use to throw baby stuff in when I go out.
    I cant do an action shot since I havent left the house in quite awhile.

    Heres a pic of my sisters new prada bag. She got it for her 16th birthday.
    She wasnt too excited about it...but I was like :wtf: "Give it to me!"
    I ended up getting a very similar one (minus the two handles) a week or 2 later.
    It is def big enough to fit all my baby needs and I love how it goes over the shoulder.
    The pic was taken on June 25th, 07.
  5. I want to see what everyone else puts in their diaper bags. Here's a Gucci bag I received as a gift (for my 2 sons I alternated bags a lot but generally stuck to the le Sportsac deluxe messenger - so light and worry free!). This one has a nice big zippered compartment inside, some pockets on the inside and the outside as well. The bag is fabric but the inside is fully lined in nylon.

    What's in it:
    newborn diapers, diaper changing pad with wipes compartment, a couple of kimono0style shirts, two burp cloths, a blanket, a pouch with miscellaneous things (diaper cream, etc), and my favorite rattle:smile:
    There's still some room for a few of my things as well:smile:
    DSC00985.jpg DSC00986.jpg DSC00987.jpg DSC00988.jpg
  6. ^Really cute stuff! :yes:
  7. Aside from my handbag addiction I also have a Diaper bag addiciton. Here's the pic I have on my computer at the moment. I'll try to get some action pics of my others.

    LV Keep all and Tokidoki Pirata Campeggio all packed up and waiting to go to the hospital for baby boy's delivery.
    going to the hospital.JPG
  8. [​IMG]
    this is what i used for the first year, it went everywhere with us!!! it was nice and hands free.....of course, it had tons of diapers, extra change of clothes, blanket and some toys...with lots of zip lock bags.
    my daughter was (is) breast-fed so i never had to carry bottles so my bag was nice and dry always!

    i don't really use this bag anymore ---- and i don't know what i'm gonna do with 2nd time around!