Pics with your Rebecca Minkoff?

  1. Can anybody who owns a Rebecca Minkoff please post pics? (Holding it if possible, too.:yes: ) The colors look so gorgeous. That's what's tempting me these days!
  2. I don't have my rm mini yet (navy) its on pre-order from revolve. I am getting it next month and will post away :smile:)
  3. i just got my Mini in Royal last week. will try to take pics this coming weekend for you! :smile:
  4. Meh.. I've posted several pics of my RM bag.. check my collection thread (linked in my signature) or search for past RM threads.) ;)
  5. I can't help w/ pics, but...

    Has anyone seen the new bright yellow patent-leather version of the Morning After bag for S/S? I saw in Elle Accessories (I think), and it's gorgeous!
  6. I ended up returning this bag, but here are some pics from the one day I had it.

    regular sized Rebecca Minkoff Morning After in chocolate



  7. I'd be interested in knowing why you returned the bag.
  8. Me too!
  9. It looks really nice! I love the color.

  10. I had heard complaints about the hardware chipping/oxidizing. After a few days of inspecting the bag, I could see little silver spots on the hardware, like it was starting already. I didn't want a bag with crappy hardware, so I returned it.

    Supposedly Rebecca has changed the hardware to prevent that problem on the newer bags.
  11. Oh I ordered the reg. size morning after in royal w/ the basket weave from Karizma with the discount a couple of days ago... and they had a problem w/ my shipping address... now I don't see this bag on their site anymore... and this worries me...
  12. Did you call the Boutique and speak with Shellie? She will straighten things out for you!:smile:
  13. I left them a message on the phone and e-mailed them hopefully I'll receive the bag soon. I might have to speak to Shellie I guess... haha... Thanks!